What Are Custom TALENs?

As the abbreviation form of Transcription Activator-like Effectors, TALENs are artificial restriction enzymes which are produced through fusing a TAL effector DNA binding domain to a DNA cleavage domain. In other words, TALENs are proteins that bind to DNA in a sequence-specific way. TALENs are also used to mediate multiple genetic manipulation. There are several examples, for instance gene targeting as well as gene site-specific insertion or correction.

To be more specific, they can be generated to bind any targeted DNA sequence in a fast and efficient manner. With this technology, researchers can engineer restriction enzymes that are specific for any targeted DNA sequence through combining an engineered TALE with a DNA cleavage domain. On the other hand, those restriction enzymes are useful for genome editing in situ after they have been introduced into cells.Transcription activator–like effectors

Due to their features and advantages, such as easy to use, time-saving, effortless, as well as trusted results, TALENs can be taken into practice for transfection, genome editing, gene modification, etc. As a novel technology, Transcription Activator–like Effectors (TALE) technology is commonly used. Although it has been developed in recent years, TALE technology can achieve more scientific results with its potential development ability.

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